March 28th, 2020 Beautiful story for this cloudy day

I want to share a beautiful story on this cloudy day. This is a picture of one of two gift baskets along with balloon which my office received yesterday from a client who was happy with our having closed “virtually” on their new condo during this past week. Something that I honestly never did before- never had to. One basket was for me and one was for the paralegal who worked on this file with me, Maria Luisa.

What is more important about the closing which took place, and my clients’ demonstration of their appreciation, is the back story to this closing. BACK STORY- I have represented this family for many years, mainly trying to keep this family in their home, fighting for a loan modification, filing a bankruptcy, this fight went on for about 7 years, but I kept them in their house all along. When all my efforts were about to end, as truly, as hard as this family tried, they simply did not have the income to sustain the arrear laden mortgage, and expensive property tax, and they understood, and accepted their limitations, and that of the process to get a loan modification. At the meeting we had last Summer, when I had to tell them that we were running out of time and legal options, we sat at my conference table and prayed for their family, me being a conservative Jew, they Baptist Christians, and asked Hashem to “make a way, even though we could not see a way”. They said goodbye, we hugged, you could do that last summer, and said we would talk, soon. About two weeks later, I got a call from them telling me that they had won the New York State lottery- One Million Dollars. So, this week, they bought a new house, as Hashem made a way …. to those who are worried, anxious during this difficult, but temporary time, hang in there. Take it from me, this is just one example where life can change for the better in an instant. To quote a song, “Ironic”, from one of the best rock albums of my recollection, “Jagged Little Pill”, “life has a funny way of helping you out when everything goes wrong and everything blows up in your face”. I have many more stories like this to share.