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How the Bankruptcy Petition Process Works at The Ugell Law Firm, P.C.

  1. You call our friendly staff to set up a free debt consultation to meet with a professional bankruptcy attorney
  2. In your meeting, you will bring any documents you received from any court, and any documents you would like clarification of. An attorney will review your financial situation and give you professional legal advice, right then and there, so that you can make an informed decision on how to proceed. The attorney will alert you to the cost of all legal services. The Ugell Law Firm has no hidden fees, and bankruptcy retainer fees are flat-rate fees. Your bill will never get larger for the preparation and filing of your bankruptcy petition.
  3. If bankruptcy is the option you choose to move forward with, we will prepare a retainer for you to review. Your retainer will be clear, and all your questions will be addressed before you sign any agreement with our office. It is our policy to make sure all information and services are conveyed clearly, so that you know what your signing, and what we are going to do for you.
  4. You do not have to pay your entire retainer at once. Scott B. Ugell is very reasonable, and understands your financial hardship, and is willing to work with you. You only have to put a deposit towards your retainer when you sign up, and we will begin immediately to work on your case.
  5. You will receive The Ugell Law Firm, P.C. Information Package, which is specifically designed to create an easy way for you to give us all the information we need to prepare your petition.
  6. With your consent, we will run your credit report before you leave our office. It is important to us that you understand your current financial situation as well.
  7. We ensure that all your questions are answered before you leave our office, and that you are confident with your decision. You are welcome to come back to our office as often as you like to discuss your bankruptcy case with an attorney and it will never cost you anything beyond your retainer fee, all you have to do is call and arrange an appointment.
  8. You will work on completing your Ugell Law Firm, P.C. Information Package, and collecting copies of all requested financial documentation.
  9. Creating your petition is a dynamic process. You will have questions, as will my office. We will complete our investigation of your public records for your protection and safety. Only when we are confident that your bankruptcy petition will yield a discharge and all preparation work is complete will we invite you in for your final review of your bankruptcy petition prior to filing
  10. Before you review your petition for filing, you will take a very simple course call the Credit Counseling Course. This can be accomplished using any agency licensed to issue a Credit Counseling Certificate for a Bankruptcy Court in your district. We will give you some options.
  11. The very last thing you will do is to meet in our office to review and sign your bankruptcy petition. Most bankruptcy petitions are approximately 50 to 75 pages, and very difficult to decipher. An attorney will review your petition with you and answer any questions you have before you sign your name.
  12. Once your bankruptcy petition is filed, you will enjoy the protection of the Federal Bankruptcy Court, which makes it a federal crime for anyone to contact you regarding the collection of any debt. All pending civil action will be paused
  13. Your bankruptcy petition retainer fee and filing fee must be paid in full prior to your bankruptcy filing.
  14. Within a week of your filing date, the Bankruptcy Court will assign a Trustee to your case. A trustee is an attorney designated to review your bankruptcy petition and ensure that the rules have been followed precisely. A Trustee's job is also to identify your assets. If you have assets that are not listed properly on your petition, missing from your petition, or have value beyond the allowable exemptions, the Trustee may try to seize these assets. The Ugell Law Firm, P.C. ensures that your assets are protected before your petition is filed. Your safety and protection throughout the bankruptcy process is our main concern.
  15. Most bankruptcy cases are active in the Court for 3-6 months before a discharge is ordered, pending the complexity of the case and whether or not Loan Modification or Judgment Lien Stripping or second mortgage removal is requested.
  16. Most Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases require only one appearance before your Trustee. An attorney will always be present with you at your court appearances.
  17. Many Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases usually require only two appearances, one before the Trustee, and one before the Judge. An attorney will always be present with you at your court appearances.
  18. Bankruptcy court is not like any other court. When you leave court your case will not be finished. Once the Trustee is finished reviewing your petition, they will file a report with the Bankruptcy Court. The Bankruptcy Judge will review the Trustee's report, and upon their approval, sign your Order of Discharge. Once you have an Order of Discharge signed by the Judge, your case is finished and you can begin to live debt free and rebuild your credit. In Chapter 7, a Order of Discharge is usually issued within 3-5 months of the date your petition is filed. In Chapter 13, your final Order of Discharge will be in full effect only after your Chapter 13 Repayment Plan is completed.

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